CMP Introduction

CMP is the newest solution of the Sitecore Content Hub. A Content Marketing Platform allows the planning, authoring, collaboration, curation and distribution of the different content types that drive the execution of a content marketing strategy while allowing campaign management. CMP is a central hub providing an overall view of all content and how it is performing. It is an essential platform to help with planning and analyzing content marketing campaigns and individual pieces of content.

When Content Marketing Platforms emerged, their focus was on content authoring and collaborative features, whereas Social Media Management Platforms focused more on publication and social listening, albeit with considerable overlap between both categories. However, over the years, the scope of CMP has become more omnichannel, servicing all channels and all consumers of content.

The purpose of CMP is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating relevant and valuable content. Content Marketing is an ongoing process of content creation and adaptation that is integrated into an overall marketing strategy with drill-down visibility. CMP integrates editing, collaboration, and approval tools.

CMP offers an out-of-the-box comprehensive data modeler to create, manage and deliver valuable digital content such as blog posts, white papers, emails, social media posts, recipes, etc.

The digital content created in CMP is curated, easily adaptable, and can be simply localized for target markets. The automatic version control tracks every previous version of content and every associated revision included in a comment train.

CMP is a software solution that enables marketing organizations to centralize their upstream marketing processes from 'beginning' to 'end', including collaboration and approval workflows. But also gives a clear Campaign overview, which makes it easy to track the success of the content, where content strategy is weak and analyze it compared to other content from the same campaign. CMP offers strategy follow-up by defining target audiences and plotting publications on the strategic board.

CMP helps gauge the performance of content by calculating the engagement value (impact) of publications in order to track the effectiveness. Any further content can be adjusted accordingly. Subsequent content can be improved and targeted.


Starting from version 3.2.2, the 'Engagement value' term has been replaced with 'Impact' in all the Content Hub pages, settings and entities.


CMP is based around the workflow of content, from creation to finally being archived after publication has reached its end of life, with the ability to localize, adapt and duplicate content. The Content module is the underlying module that provides the essential content types for different solutions, such as dealing with social media content, articles, and blog posts.

CMP can be integrated with the DAM to allow a unified solution to asset creation, utilization, and storage (with complete metadata). With Assets being linked from the DAM into the CMP workflow:

The main functionality of CMP can be broken down into four main areas:

  • Ideation and production
  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Utilization

Ideation & Production

  • Content creation.
  • Content Collaboration.
  • Workflow management - State flow to create, review, approve and publish content.
  • Content transcreation - Localization and adaptations.
  • Powerful search options.


  • Content calendar.
  • Campaign organization.
  • Content requirement management through the creation of Ideas.


  • Visual analysis of content footprint with strategy pivot view.
  • Monitoring of work and progress.
  • Reusability of the powerful core permissions framework.


  • Built as a module inside Sitecore Content Hub.
  • Content review automation.
  • Sitecore XM integration.
  • Out-of-the-box curated taxonomies with easy extensibility.

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