Asset Selection

There are three ways of selecting assets on the Content page:

  1. Using the mouse to click and select the assets.

  2. Using drag and select, to highlight the assets for selection.

  3. Using SHIFT to select the assets.

Using the Mouse

  • Click in the circle in the top left of the asset (note the tooltip Add to selection):

  • Click on as many assets as are required. Each asset then has a tick in the selection circle showing that it is included in the selection:

  • The count of selected assets is shown on the toolbar. Also note that all assets can be selected from this area:

Using drag and select

  • Move the cursor to above the asset to be selected:

  • Simply then, holding down the left click on the mouse or touchpad, move the selection area to include the assets for selection:

  • Once the click is released the assets in the selection area are included in the selection:

Using SHIFT or Control keys to select the blocks of assets

  • Hold down either key and highlight the assets for selection before left clicking to add to selection group:

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