Select Pages in the Manage menu to get started.

The left panel shows the sitemap, the right panel shows the currently selected page.

By default, the Home page, which is the root page, will be selected.

Page search

The Page search includes:

  • Multi-level search.
  • Page UI Redesign with a click arrow added to view child pages.
  • Move page functionality, including a Sticky parking zone.
  • Add subpage button added.

The search feature in the portal management page to recursively search and drill down the child pages instead of stopping at the current page level, moving pages, and adding subpages.

Multi-level search

The Multi-level search allows the user to search across all the pages (.ie. Parent pages and all Child pages).

When the user searches any page, the list of pages having text similar to search text will be returned in a flat list beneath the search box.

View child pages

The user can view child pages by clicking on the arrow → . They can view the complete path (Breadcrumbs) on the right-hand side of the page:

More actions

Each page has a menu containing the following options via the icon:

  • View page
  • Add subpage
  • Move page
  • Delete page

The following options are not be available for system owned pages:

  • Add subpage
  • Move page
  • Delete subpage

View page

The View page opens the page in a new tab:

Add subpage

The addition of an Add subpage button means a subpage can be created without having to navigate into the parent page. The Add subpage button is selected on the page menu and a modal for the details of the new subpage is displayed where the page type and master layout can be selected:

Move page

Pages can be moved and relocated by selecting the page then navigating to the where the page is to be moved to and clicking on the Move to here button in the bottom left corner:

Delete page

The user can select to Delete page.

On clicking Delete page, a warning pop-up message will be displayed All its content will also get deleted with OK and CANCEL:

Drag and Drop functionality

Pages can be manually sorted by dragging and dropping via the icon:

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