Scroll API

The Scroll API is a workaround for preventing the cost of deep paging. You can use it to retrieve a large number (or even all results) from a single query.

It does not support the skip parameter and only allows you to request the next page via the resource. You can continue paging until no results are returned or you have reached the last page.

Scroll only supports the GET method. The only difference with the Querying API is the paging arguments, everything else is the same.


Scroll takes a snapshot of the result set the first time you execute a query. This snapshot is maintained for a limited amount of time and prolonged on every next page request. It is not a live view of the database and can contain already modified or deleted data.

The resource is available at the following URL:

GET http://<hostname>/api/entities/scroll/

SearchAfter API

As from release 4.0.0, the SearchAfter API is also available. It is identical to Scroll and is available at the following URL:

GET http://<hostname>/api/entities/searchafter/

We recommend using SearchAfter because it will deprecate and replace Scroll in a later release.

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