Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics


You need Publish rights on the Tag version to manage Google Tag Manager.

You can use Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA) to enable traffic or page view analysis within Sitecore Content Hub™.

You need to set the GTM ID in the Content hub settings as explained in the GTM documentation.

However, this step is not enough for business users to see the necessary traffic figures on their GA user interface. To display these figures, you need to set up GTM to fire relevant events into GA.

Use the following best practices when setting up your solution with GTM and GA:

  1. Create a new account on Google Analytics from the Google user settings menu. You need to create one GA account per Content Hub instance.

  2. Enable GA4 in the GA accounts to get a measurement ID.

  3. To use the measurement ID and receive traffic into GA, you need to configure GTM by adding a new tag to its settings and use the GA4 configuration option. Then, you need to copy the measurement ID you received from GA to the new tag. This tag should be triggered on all page views to get the traffic.

  4. As a last step, you need to set GTM to a specific version and publish it.


To test your connection, look at the network tab on your browser where Content Hub is open. If you see traffic with collect.js, this means your traffic is being pushed to Google Analytics.

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