Naming conventions

Naming schemas and taxonomies consistently, logically, and in a predictable way enables you to distinguish more easily between similar schema and taxonomies. This allows you to store and retrieve data more efficiently.

Sitecore Content Hub™ comes with a prebuilt domain model and taxonomies where item names are prefixed with M (for example, M.{entityDefinitionName} or M.{TaxonomyName}).

When you define your data model, follow these best practices:

  • Apply a defined naming convention to your schema and taxonomies, similar to the Content Hub prebuilt model:

    • Any new definition or taxonomy should start with a pre-defined prefix. It is common practice to keep this related to the name of the application or the customer. For example, the company XYZ could name their new taxonomy as XYZ.Taxonomy1 or XYZ.Definition1.
  • Name your relations systematically:

    • Your parent entity definition name should come first when you define a relation between two definitions. For example, if you want to relate Brand and Asset definitions, name your relation BrandToAsset.

You cannot use numeric values in the names of taxonomies.

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