Delivery architecture

In the delivery architecture of Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub, Content Hub remains as the repository, and you can publish the data to the content delivery service.

The content delivery service is a delivery platform with a GraphQL endpoint that allows you to use the data directly through applications without connectors. GraphQL serves as the querying language to consume data from Sitecore Content Hub and deliver it to your custom channels.

The following diagram illustrates the role of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the delivery architecture:

  • The CDN links the delivery platform to static or dynamic sites, and any other runtime applications.
  • The CDN caches queries flowing to and from the Delivery platform.
  • Event streams allow Content Hub to broadcast schema or content changes.
  • Content Hub raises an event each time any approved content changes, which drives the automatic publishing process.

Distribution and scalability

The Delivery platform is a multi-environment platform: it provides delivery services for multiple Content Hub environments.

The Delivery platform is distributed at a regional level. That is, a Delivery platform instance is available in all major cities or regions around the world. This geographical distribution offers a scalable solution with minimal response times.

Additionally, the content of all environments is duplicated in all Delivery platform instances to improve resiliency and availability.

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