CMP Module Integration

The CMP Module integrates seamlessly with MRM and DAM, to offer an end-to-end solution for marketing.

Integration with DAM

CMP allows assets from the DAM to be attached with content.

Attaching Assets to Content

Assets from the DAM can be attached to Content via the button:

The Add button offers two options:

Link items opens a window with assets available to be associated with the content. At the bottom of the window is the page option and a number of items per page:

Use the tick-box in the top left corner of the asset to select the assets to attach to the content and click on the button:

The assets are then attached to the Idea:

This integration checks that approved assets can be integrated with content creation, providing brand uniformity. Content creators can see which assets have been approved by the Content managers for use with the content item.

Adding Content to Jobs

Content can also be attached to Jobs.

Under the Project menu tab, click on Jobs:

Either open an existing job by selecting it from the list or click on the new button to create a new job:

To add content to the job, click on the button:

The content form is the same as was displayed when adding content to a project.

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