Custom download parameters

The following table describes the available parameters for custom downloads.

FormatFile format for the download.
The available conversion formats depend on the type of asset.
Color profileColor profile to use for the rendition:
  • Don't change, sRGBDefault
  • CMYKDefault
  • A configured color profile
  • Applies only to Image and Vector assets
    CropCrop type:
  • Don't crop
  • Crop to center
  • Smart crop
  • Manual crop
  • Applies only to Image assets.
    DimensionsDimension of the custom rendition:
  • Don't resize
  • Custom width and height
  • A preset dimensions
  • Applies only to Image assets.
    Max. widthCropped image or vector width. Numerical value + (pixels, inches, centimeters, or millimeters). Applies only to Image and Vector assets.No
    Max. heightCropped image or vector height. Numerical value + (pixels, inches, centimeters, or millimeters). Applies only to Image and Vector assets.No
    Resolution (DPI)Resolution of the custom rendition. Applies only to Image and Vector assets.Yes
    FilenameOverwrites the name of the download file.
    If you do not provide a value, the original file name is used. To use asset properties as variables, write the property name between curly brackets ({Title}).
    Save renditionSaves the custom download as a new default rendition for the asset.No
    Rendition nameName of the new rendition.Yes (if Save rendition is On)
    DescriptionDescription of the new rendition.No

    Available conversion formats

    The following list describes which formats are available to apply to your assets depending on their type.

    TypeAvailable conversion formats
    ImageJPG, PNG, TIF
    VectorJPG, PDF, PNG, TIF
    VideoMP4, WEBM

    You cannot convert files bigger than 50Mb. Furthermore, images in a layered file format, such as .ai, .psd, or .pdn, do not offer the conversion functionality in their original format, but they auto download. However, because Preview and Thumbnail do not render in .png, these renditions support conversions.

    Preset dimensions

    The following table lists the available preset dimensions.

    Media websitePreset value
    FacebookFacebook Cover Photo (820 x 312 px), Facebook Event Image (1920 x 1080 px), Facebook Highlighted Image (1200 x 717 px), Facebook Shared Image (1200 x 630 px)
    InstagramInstagram Photo (1080 x 1080 px), Instagram Stories (1080 x 1920 px)
    LinkedInLinkedIn Banner Image (646 x 220 px), LinkedIn Company Cover Image (1536 x 768 px), LinkedIn Company Photos (900 x 600 px), LinkedIn Hero Photo (1128 x 376 px), LinkedIn Personal Background Image (1584 x 396 px), LinkedIn Shared Image (1104 x 736 px), LinkedIn Shared Link (1200 x 628 px)
    TwitterTwitter Header Photo (1500 x 500 px), Twitter In-Stream Photo (506 x 253 px)
    YoutubeYouTube Channel Cover Art (2560 x 1440 px), YouTube Channel Profile Image (800 x 800 px)

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