DRM introduces three new user groups:

  • M.Builtin.DRM.Everyone
  • M.Builtin.DRM.Project.Everyone
  • M.Builtin.DRM.Administrators

M.Builtin.DRM.Everyone is the lowest user group. It contains the policies to go operate the restricted Asset workflow. M.Builtin.DRM.Project.Everyone contains the policies to track any request submitted to administrators to download restricted assets. M.Builtin.DRM.Administrators contains the rights to manage contracts and Rights Profile.

Additionally, it is possible to grant users or user group rights to the DRM root block.

In order to grant certain rights to a user/user group following step needs to be taken:

  • General Settings Page > DrmConfiguration: you must first add it to the taskToUserGroups

Sharing restricted assets

You can share restricted assets externally in a public collection by changing the showRestrictedAssetsInPublicCollections field in the DRM settings to true.

  1. Navigate to Settings, found on the Manage page.

  2. Select DRM.

  3. Open the DrmConfiguration.

  4. Change the value of the showRestrictedAssetsInPublicCollections to true:

    "showRestrictedAssetsInPublicCollections": true

  5. Click Save.


The PublicCollectionsRestrictedAssetsSynchronizerJob job synchronizes with the showRestrictedAssetsInPublicCollections field to update the shown restricted assets every hour, by default, to ensure any changes in the ditigal rights management (DRM) of assets in the public collection are reflected.

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