Create a rights profile


Only superusers can perform the following steps.

Before creating a rights profile, you should create a contract first: please see Contract.

To create a rights profile, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the applicable contract, go to the Rights profiles tab, and click Create new:

  2. Enter a contract Name and a Start date.

  3. Select a Time type. There are three types:

    • Duration: when a specific time period is elapsed e.g. a week, DRM users can no longer download the related assets.

    • Expiration date: when the expiration date of a profile restriction is reached e.g. 22nd of March 2018, DRM users can no longer download the related assets.

    • Perpetual: validation on the user's intended use is active indefinitely.

  4. Select one or several Territory option(s).

  5. Select one or several Media type(s).

  6. Add more information as needed under OPTIONS.

  7. Click Save.

Once created, you can find your rights profile listed on the contract page, on the Rights profiles tab. You can edit it by clicking the pencil icon.

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