Full-text search behavior


Due to a restriction on Elasticsearch, properties longer than 512 characters are not indexed by the advanced search.

Because the full-text search looks across all metadata available on the assets, the AND and OR operators can return result combinations from different metadata fields. If you need to narrow down your search to one particular property, use the advanced search.

The following table references the search behavior of a full-text search:

Type thisTo find this
foobar, FooBar, fooBar, FOOBAR, ABCfoobarabcItems containing foobar, FooBar, fooBar, FOOBAR, ABCfoobarabc, or any other combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.
foo bar, bar foo, foo AND bar, bar AND fooItems containing foo&bar, bar.foo, foo bar, FooBar, foobar, bar foo, or any other combinations of the input terms separated by a special character or a space.
foo-bar, foo&bar, foo[special character]barItems containing foo&bar, foo.bar, foo bar or any other item following the structure foo[special character]bar.
foo OR bar, bar OR fooItems containing foo, along with all the variations listed in the first row of the table, more, or both.
  • The search functionality is case insensitive, except for operators AND and OR which require all upper letters.
  • The full-text search does not support exclusions.
  • Any non-alphanumeric character is a special character, except the dot ".".

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