StateMachine viewer

The StateMachine viewer component provides details on the entity status in the associated state flow.


A StateMachine viewer can only be added on detail pages with an associated state flow, such as Content detail page which is associated with the Ideation stateflow.


For more information about state flows, see the State flows section.

From the component detail page, three levels of configuration are available:

  1. General settings
  2. Linear state flow
  3. Complex state flow

General settings

The General settings parameters are:

TitleToggle switchIf enabled, displays the component title.Enabled/DisabledOptional
ShowDrop-down listDisplays an option to either select all or select none.Show specific state flow / All state flowsMandatory
State flowSelection listSelects a specific state flow. Required when Show specific state flow is selected.All available state flows for the entity.Optional

Linear state flow

The Linear state flow parameters are:

Display modeDrop-down listDefines the display mode of the state flow.Horizontal steps / Vertical steps / Current state onlyMandatory
DescriptionToggle switchIf enabled, includes a description of each state displayed in the state flow.Enabled/DisabledOptional
AssigneeToggle switchIf enabled, show the user assigned to complete each state.Enabled/DisabledOptional
CollapsibleToggle switchIf enabled, allows collapsing the state flow details using the arrowhead icon.Enabled/DisabledOptional
Collapsed by defaultToggle switchIf enabled, collapses the state flow details by default.Enabled/DisabledOptional
Enable detail pop-upToggle switchBy enabling it and clicking on the information icon, this option provides a pop-up window showing the whole state flow.Enabled/DisabledOptional
  • The Collapsible and Collapsed by default options are only available in the Current state only or Vertical steps display modes and when at least Assignee or Description option is enabled.
  • The Enable detail pop-up option is only available in the Current state only display mode.

Complex state flow

For a Complex state flow, only the Current state only display mode is available. However, the same display parameters as the Linear state flow, described in the previous section, can be configured.

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