PCM Assets

All Sitecore PCMTM entities, where assets are uploaded, store these assets in the Standard repository. Therefore all uploaded assets included in Sitecore PCMTM are also available from within Sitecore DAMTM. The assets can be shown on the Assets, Create or Review pages, depending on their location in the asset approval workflow.

When the file is uploaded as an asset to an entity in Sitecore PCMTM, it is also simultaneously passed to the Create page.

From the Create page, the asset can be sent for approval and moved to the Review page. For more information on the Create page, please see Create.

Assets submitted for approval in the Create page appear on the Review page. The Review page acts as a final checkpoint before making the assets available on the Assets page and searchable. Assets can be approved or rejected, annotations can be added to the asset, new file versions can be uploaded, and metadata can be updated. For more information on the Review page, please see Review page.

If assets uploaded in Sitecore PCMTM are approved on the Review page, they are made available in the Assets page as approved assets that are available to users of Sitecore DAMTM.

The following is a diagram of a file being uploaded as an asset and included in Sitecore PCMTM and also included in the approval workflow of Sitecore DAM:

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