Get started

You can use the JavaScript SDK by adding a new npm package source then importing the JavaScript SDK package into your projects.


In this documentation, we will use Visual Studio Code as the editor and npm as the package manager.

Set up MyGet feed

The JavaScript SDK packages are available on the following public feeds:

Add the npm feed to your JavaScript package registry (npm) to pull in any of the packages. For more information on npm-registry, please see Using npm-registry.

Add the following registry:

npm config set @sitecore:registry https://slpartners.myget.org/F/m-public/npm/

Install the package

After adding the package source to the npm registry, install the JavaScript SDK by running the following command:

npm install @sitecore/sc-contenthub-webclient-sdk

The Javascript SDK package depends on other npm packages from the default npm registry. Make sure to have the default npm registry configured in addition to our public feed.

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