When you search for assets, the actual images, videos, or other downloadable content is not delivered by the same host as the page. The media delivery service provides it through delivery links.

Pre-authenticated URLs

Content that needs to be retrieved from a separate host still needs to be secured. To secure content from another domain, you cannot use cookies.

Using pre-authenticated URLs, the delivery host can authorize the client to retrieve the resource without contacting the portal.

Audit Logging

The delivery host can post a download event message on a queue to aggregate all of the download events outside the portal host and perform analysis or auditing. The delivery host can add a per-request watermark.

In addition to a dedicated satellite node, the portal also acts as a satellite node.

Request URL

The requested URL has the following format:



The following table lists the parameters of the requested URL.


These parameters are automatically generated by the AssetExtensionDataMessageHandler.

keyThe key identifies a binary large object (BLOB) in a file provider.
entityidParameter used for logging the download event.
useridParameter used for logging the download event.
renditionParameter used for logging the download event. If there's no rendition, the resource is returned inline, otherwise as an attachment and possibly via redirection to the backend store.
intent(Optional) Either download or streaming, to indicate if the intention is to use the resource inline or as an attachment.
watermark(Optional) A watermark that you can apply to the image.
expires(Optional) Date and time (in ISO8601) specify when this URL is no longer valid. If not present, there is no expiration.
signature(Required) This signature validates the URL as a whole.

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