Public collections

Public collections are collections of assets that are publicly available through the media delivery.

Public collections are configured in the Sitecore Content Hub™ instance but are served by the media delivery service. Content Hub exports the data to Azure table storage through a worker and media delivery reads it.


Public collections use the theme provided by the Content Hub instance to ensure users have the same look and feel on the new application as on the Content Hub instance.

The web application fetches information about the theme from Content Hub and caches the theme until notified to refresh it. When you start the application the first time, the Content Hub portal must be running, or the new application cannot find the relevant CSS. The other times, the application should discover what the latest theme configuration was from an ini file.

If a superuser changes or modifies the current default theme, the change is automatically applied to the new web application.


The CSS either comes from Content Hub directly or from a CDN.

Clearing the theming cache

The admin API also allows you to clear the cache; this can be useful if you do not want to wait for the cache to expire before seeing your applied changes.

The following is an example of a request to do that:

Url : <base public collections address>/api/admin/clearcache

    Http verb : POST

    Headers :

       Authorization:API ##MyKeyHere##

    Body :


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