Update a Fetch Job

Updating the fetch job currently is limited to canceling the fetch job. The fetch job can only be cancelled if the value of the state property at the time of updating equals Pending. The fetch job can not be deleted.

PUT /entities/:fetchJobsId

Replace these placeholders:

:fetchJobIdthe id of the fetch job that needs to be updated

Body parameters

The following body parameters are required, but note that currently only the state value will be changed.

conditionStringThe system description of the current state of the job.
file_countIntThe amount of files that are currently in the fetch job.
stateStringThe current state of the job. This property is currently the only property of the fetch job that can be updated. It can be set to Cancelled on the condition that the current value is Pending
state_descriptionStringThe canonical description of the current state of the job.

All parameters are ignored but have to have the same value as the fetch job that is being updated or an error will be thrown. This means these values need to be retrieved from the fetch job first. Only the state parameter value will actually be used to update the fetch job.

Body example

    "state_description":"Job completed"


204 No ContentReturns an empty body when everything was processed without errors. It doesn't check wether the state value actually has been processed as intended.
403 ForbiddenReturns the error message when the updated couldn't be processed, usually caused by missing parameters in the body.

Response examples

Status: 204 No Content
Status: 403 Forbidden

    "Message": "Only the 'Job.State' property can be changed."

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