Entity Definition Object

The Entity Definition Object contains all the information related to an entity definition. An entity definition has the following properties:

idNumberThe id of the entity definition
nameStringThe name of the entity definition
display_templateStringA template to use when entities of this definition need to be converted to strings.
labelsLabelsThe labels of the entity definition
member_groupsArrayAn array of Member Group Objects. Each member group contains related member definitions.
selfLinkA hyperlink to the resource that represents this entity definition.
entitiesLinkA hyperlink to the collection resource containing all entities defined by this entity definition.


    "name":"entity definition name"
        "en-US":"display name in English",
        "nl-BE":"display name in Flemish"
            "name":"Example Member Group",
                    "name":"Example Member",
        "href":"URL to this entity definition resource"
    "entities": {
        "href":"URL to the collection resource of entities for this entity definition"

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