Notification Object

A Notification object represents a notification type and a list of channels that define how the notification is sent.

It is an object with the following properties:

notificationTypestringA string that points to an item from Option List NotificationTypes.
isUserOwnedboolA boolean that defines if the notification is global or assigned to a specific user.
userLinkA link to the User Object for which the notification applies (if user-owned).
channelsArrayAn array containing per channel a channelname and an is_checked boolean.


    "id": 16,
    "notificationtype": "SearchChanged",
    "notificationtypelabel": "Saved search results changed",
    "is_user_owned": false,
    "created_on": "2017-04-11T01:11:12.149588Z",
    "created_by": {
        "href": "https://stylelabs_example.com/api/entities/6",
        "title": "The user who created the entity"
    "modified_on": "2017-04-11T01:11:12.149588Z",
    "modified_by": {
        "href": "https://stylelabs_example.com/api/entities/6",
        "title": "The user who last modified the entity"
    "channels": [
            "channelname": "EmailNotification",
            "is_checked": true
            "channelname": "RealTimeNotification",
            "is_checked": false
    "UserId": 0,
    "self": {
    "href": "https://stylelabs_example.com/api/notifications",
    "title": "This Notification."

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