Member Definition Object

The Member Definition Object defines either a property or relation definition on an entity definition.

Property Definitions

There are eight types of property definitions: Boolean, Decimal, Integer, Long, String, DateTime, File Reference and Json. Each contains the following properties:

typeStringThe type of property. Can be one of the following: "Boolean", "Decimal", "Integer", "Long", "String", "DateTime", "FileReference" or "Json".
nameStringThe name of the property.
labelsLabelsThe labels of this property.
is_indexedBooleanTrue if this property is searchable.
is_mandatoryBooleanTrue if this property must have a value during validation.
is_multivalueBooleanTrue if this property has multiple values.
is_multilanguageBooleanTrue if this property has multiple languages.
is_display_propertyBooleanTrue if this property is used to describe the entity. Only one properties in an entity definition can be set to true.

For property definitions of type "String", two more properties are available:

is_multilineBooleanTrue if this string property supports line breaks.
validation_expressionStringA string containing a regular expression that the property value must match.

Relation Definitions

Relation definitions contain the following properties:

typeStringContains "Relation" to define this member definition as a relation definition.
nameStringThe name of the relation.
labelsLabelsThe labels of the relation.
roleStringContains either "Parent" or "Child" to describe if this is the parent or child side of the relation.
is_indexedBooleanTrue if this property supports searching.
cardinalityStringContains either "OneToOne" or "OneToMany" to describe the cardinality of this relation.
child_is_mandatoryBooleanTrue if at least one child is required for this relation to be valid.
parent_is_mandatoryBooleanTrue if at least one parent is required for this relation to be valid.
associated_entitydefinitionLinkA link to the entity definition for the related entities.
inherits_securityBooleanTrue if this relation participates in resolving permissions.


See Entity Definition Object for an example representation

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