User Object

A User Object contains the state of a user. It inherits all members from the Entity Object, and adds the following properties:

policyLinkA link to the Policy Resource that is applicable to this user.


    "id": 196,
    "properties": {
    "Username": "M.Builtin.Creator",
    "Email": null,
    "FullName": null
    "relations": {
        "UserGroupToUser": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entities/196/relations/UserGroupToUser"
        "UserToUserAgreement": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entities/196/relations/UserToUserAgreement"
        "UserToSavedSearch": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entities/196/relations/UserToSavedSearch"
        "myuploads": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entities/196/relations/myuploads"
        "AssetSelectionToUser": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entities/196/relations/AssetSelectionToUser"
    "created_by": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/3",
        "title": "The user who created the entity"
    "created_on": "2014-03-23T13:47:37.4501099Z",
    "modified_by": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/3",
        "title": "The user who last modified the entity"
    "modified_on": "2014-03-23T13:47:37.4501099Z",
    "entitydefinition": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/entitydefinitions/User",
        "title": "The entity definition for this entity"
    "copy": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/196/copy",
        "title": "Copy this entity"
    "permissions": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/196/permissions",
        "title": "The permissions on this entity"
    "lifecycle": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/196/lifecycle",
        "title": "The lifecycle action for this entity."
    "policy": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/196/policy",
        "title": "The policy that applies to this user."
    "self": {
        "href": "http://m.local/api/users/196",
        "title": "This entity"

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