Entities By Definition Resource

The Entities By Definition Resource contains the collection of entities associated with the specified entity definition.

This resource only supports the GET method.

GET /api/entitydefinitions/{name}/entities{?skip,take}

Retrieves the collection of entities associated with the specified entity definition. The response contains a collection of Entity Objects.

The following table provides a list of query parameters and related information.

skipintegerThe number of definitions to skip.
takeintegerThe number of definitions to return.
filterstringAdditional filters.
definitionsToLoadstringDeprecated, use definitionsToLoadByName.
definitionsToLoadByNamestringComma-separated list of definition names.
definitionsToLoadByIdstringComma-separated list of definition IDs.
viewModebasic/extendedThe view mode.
loadPermissionsbooleanFlag for loading permissions.
includeConditionalMembersbooleanFlag for including conditional members.
excludeTaxonomyDefinitionsbooleanFlag for excluding taxonomy definitions.
excludeSystemOwnedDefinitionsbooleanFlag for excluding system owned definitions.


If there are more entities than can fit in a single chunk, a link is included to retrieve the next chunk.


If the take parameter is specified, the number of entities returned is limited to that parameter (up to 100). The skip parameter can also be included to further determine which range of entities is returned.

Example Request:

GET http://<hostname>/api/entitydefinitions/EntityDefinition1/entities
Host: hostname
Accept: application/json

Example Response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: content length
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
ETag: "hash string"

    "items": [
                    "Property1":"Some value",

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