Usergroup Collection Resource

The Collection of Usergroups Resource contains all of the usergroups present in the system.

Methods supported: GET

GET /api/usergroups{?skip,take}

Retrieves the collection of usergroups. The response contains a Usergroup Collection Object.


If there are more usergroups than can fit in a single chunk, a link is included to retrieve the next chunk.


If the take parameter is specified, the number of usergroups returned is limited to that parameter (up to 100). The skip parameter can also be included to further determine which range of usergroups is returned.

Example Request:

GET http://<hostname>/api/usergroups
Host: hostname
Accept: application/json

Example Response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: content length
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
ETag: "hash string"

        "id": 2,
        "properties": {
            "GroupName": "Everyone"
        "relations": {
            "UserGroupToUser": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entities/2/relations/UserGroupToUser"
        "created_by": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/users/0",
            "title": "The user who created the entity"
        "created_on": "2014-03-23T13:47:29.8058106Z",
        "modified_by": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/users/0",
            "title": "The user who last modified the entity"
        "modified_on": "2014-03-23T13:47:29.8058106Z",
        "entitydefinition": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/entitydefinitions/UserGroup",
            "title": "The entity definition for this entity"
        "copy": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/usergroups/2/copy",
            "title": "Copy this entity"
        "permissions": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/usergroups/2/permissions",
            "title": "The permissions on this entity"
        "lifecycle": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/usergroups/2/lifecycle",
            "title": "The lifecycle action for this entity."
        "policy": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/usergroups/2/policy",
            "title": "The policy that applies to this user group."
        "self": {
            "href": "http://m.local/api/usergroups/2",
            "title": "This entity"

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