Allows you to list, add and remove entities from a selection.

Selection types

These types are simple relations between the entity type and the selection. Here is an exhaustive list of possible selection types:

  • AssetToMySelectionProjectBrief
  • AssetToMySelectionProjectDeliverables
  • AssetToMySelectionProjectSearch
  • BlockToMySelection
  • CampaignToMySelection
  • ChiliPublicationToMySelection
  • FragmentToMySelection
  • FragmentToMySelectionProjectBrief
  • FragmentToMySelectionProjectDeliverables
  • FragmentToMySelectionProjectSearch
  • ProductToMySelection
  • PublicationToMySelection
  • TaskToMySelection

An entity can only be added to a selection if the selection type has been listed in the relation object of that entity. Take the following entity:

    "id": 724,
    "identifier": "tDs0HF1LzEaTgkqUHO_Qkw",
    "properties": {},
    "relations": {
        "MySelectionToUser": {
            "href": "/entities/724/relations/MySelectionToUser"
        "AssetToMySelection": {
        "href": "/entities/724/relations/AssetToMySelection"


It only makes sense to add this entity to the AssetToMySelection selection type, because this is the only selection relation the entity possesses.

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