Functional overview

With this headless integration, you can create an omnichannel commerce experience without any front-end limitations by leveraging the headless APIs of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Sitecore Content Hub™.

As the primary source of your product data, Salesforce Commerce Cloud triggers the product creation in Content Hub. Once you have created a product in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can trigger its creation in Content Hub (for any locale) using the REST API and enhance the product data in the Content Hub UI. Then, you can use the Sitecore Experience Edge™ for Content Hub Delivery API to fetch the product data and related files.


Experience Edge is available from Content Hub version 4.0. To use it, you need a license to Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™ and a license to Experience Edge. For more information, see Licensing.


Experience Edge also includes a Preview API exposing all the product content that is not approved yet, including in-review items. It is useful to perform testing.

Use cases

In Content Hub, product content authors can:

  • Search for products, enhance the product data, and manage all the customer-facing brand content (assets, descriptions, specifications, SKUs, and so on).
  • Create publicly available links for the product assets.

Content Hub superusers can:

  • Configure which product content should be available in Sitecore Experience Edge™ for Content Hub.
  • Set conditions to publish the content to the delivery platform, so that it can be displayed in any format and in any desired application.

Using the Content Hub APIs, a developer can:

  • Search for a product's related assets.
  • Get the corresponding public links.

A front-end developer can:

  • Leverage the APIs and SDKs of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Content Hub to build an application/website without design or styling limitations.

A client can:

  • View a responsive e-commerce website fed by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud APIs, including enriched marketing and merchandising content managed and served by Content Hub.
  • Search for categories and products powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud and product content powered by both Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Content Hub through a single search interface developed by front-end developers.

Limitations and constraints

In this integration, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the single source of truth for product information. Hence, the unique product data stored in Salesforce Commerce Cloud should not be editable in Content Hub to ensure that both systems are synched. The Content Hub UI enables superusers to set any metadata as non-editable by other users.


The choice to utilize OCAPI or Commerce APIs is left to the educated decision of the implementation team based on their requirements. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the integration developer/partner to maintain the integration.

Privacy and payment

This integration does not access any profile data and does not process any credit card data. For more information, refer to the Sitecore Privacy Policy.


There is no payment-related use case in this integration.

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