How to use

After you configure your Sitecore Content Hub instance and your WordPress instance, you can use the Sitecore connect for WordPress. You can insert assets from Sitecore Content Hub into WordPress using Public links.

WordPress toolbar

When adding a new post or editing an existing post, the Sitecore logo is shown on the toolbar.

To insert an asset into a Wordpress post:

  1. Click the Sitecore icon to open the connector.

  2. Log into your Sitecore Content Hub.

  3. A new modal opens, showing the APPROVED ASSETS and the PENDING APPROVAL tabs:

  4. Click on the asset you want to insert into your post.

  5. If the asset already has a public link and has the icon displayed, then the existing public link is available to insert:

  6. Click select to insert this asset, using the existing settings, into the WordPress post:

  7. If you need to add a new public link, click + Public link, which opens the New public link modal.

  8. If the asset does not have an existing public link, then you are taken directly to the New public link modal:


    See Renditions or Cropping options for more information about the functionality.

  9. Make the customizations you require to the public link and click Save:

  10. When the new public link is generated, click select:

  11. The custom cropped image is then inserted into the WordPress post:

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