WordPress setup

The following document includes instructions on the configuration for WordPress to enable integration with Sitecore Content Hub using Sitecore connect for WordPress.

You must complete the following steps:

Enable Classic Editor

Sitecore connect for WordPress uses the Classic editor, which was chosen over the default editor that ships with Wordpress, to insert approved assets from Sitecore Content Hub into WordPress posts.

To enable Classic Editor:

  1. Select Plugins, shown on the menu displayed on the interface's left-hand side.

  2. Search for Classic Editor in the available plugins.

  3. On the Classic Editor plugin, click Install Now:

  4. Return to Plugins and click Activate:

  5. Select Settings.

  6. On the sub-menu, select Writing.

  7. Select Classic editor as the Default editor for all users.

    There is the option to Allow users to switch editors. Select Yes.

Install plugin

Install the Sitecore connect for WordPress plugin by uploading the ZIP file as a plugin in WordPress.


Ensure you have customized the plugin.js file, see details of plugin.js

To install the plugin:

  1. Select Plugins.
  2. Click Add New:

  3. Click Upload plugin:

  4. Choose the customized ZIP and click Install Now:

  5. After the plugin is successfully installed, click Activate plugin:

Now both the Classic Editor and Sitecore connect for WordPress plugins are active, you can use the Sitecore Connect for WordPress. For details on how to use the Sitecore connect for WordPress, see How to use Sitecore connect for WordPress.

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