Sitecore Content Marketing Platform

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) not only lets you plan, author, collaborate, curate, and distribute the different content types that drive the execution of a content marketing strategy, but also helps you manage your campaigns.

Sitecore CMP centralizes your upstream marketing processes. It provides an overview of all your content and the performance of your campaigns. It also helps you with planning and analyzing both content marketing campaigns and individual pieces of content. It offers a comprehensive data modeler to create, manage, and deliver relevant and valuable digital content such as blog posts, white papers, emails, social media posts, or recipes.

The digital content created in Sitecore CMP is curated, easily adaptable, and can be localized for target markets. The automatic version control tracks every previous version of content and every associated revision included in a comment train.

Sitecore CMP gauges content performance by calculating the impact of publications to track effectiveness so that you can adjust content accordingly by defining target audiences and plotting publications on the strategic board.

This section contains a high-level overview of the Sitecore CMP concepts, a description of the Sitecore Content Hub related pages, and detailed information about each feature:

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