Content collaboration

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™ offers simultaneous content creation, annotation, and collaboration through the co-editing functionality of the CKEditor.

Content collaboration includes the following:

  • Write and track comments.
  • Suggest, approve, or reject changes.

You synchronously edit the same document with other users and see what they are editing in real-time. The real-time feature can also integrate comments allowing active collaboration.


To simultaneously work on a document with other users, you need to open it in edit mode at the same time. In edit mode, you can see edits or amendments of your collaborators in real-time, and they can see yours.

As shown on the following image, colored pins and highlighted text show the current activity for each user:

To see which user is making a change, place your cursor on top of the pin:

You can save your interactive collaboration as a new version. Versioning provides a trail of changes and lets you roll back the changes if necessary.


When added to the Sitecore CMP flow state, reviewing can be a collaborative task.



You need the CreateAnnotations and ReadAnnotations permissions to add and read comments.

Comments are one of the main functionalities of collaborative content editing:

To add a new comment on a document:

  1. On the content detail page, click Edit.
  2. In the section you want, in the text editor, select the text you want to edit.
  3. On the toolbar of the editor, click Comment .
  4. In the Write a comment text box, write your comment.
  5. To save your comment, click .

To reply to an existing comment:

  1. On the content detail page, click Edit.
  2. To display existing comments, click in the editor text box. Existing comments appear highlighted.
  3. Click the comment to which you want to reply.
  4. In the Reply text box, write your reply.
  5. To save your reply, click .

You can also:

  • Edit your comments.

  • Delete your comments.


The comment history is deleted after one hour of inactivity. That is when no user edits for one hour.

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