CKEditor toolbar

The CKEditor is a smart WYSIWYG rich-text editor with media insertion and collaborative editing functionality. This editor lets you write text and insert media into your content items.


The actions available in the toolbar depend on the location of the CKEditor in Sitecore Content Hub™ and the superuser configurations.

The following table describes the actions available in the editor toolbar.

UndoUndo the last action.
RedoRedo the last undone action.
HeadingChoose the text type: Heading 1 to 6 or Paragraph.
Font SizeChoose the font size: Default, Tiny, Small, Big, or Huge.
Font FamilyChoose the font police: Default, Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Lucida Sans Unicode, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet Ms, or Verdana.
BoldActivate bold or make the selected text bold.
ItalicActivate italic or make the selected text italic.
UnderlineActivate underline or underline the selected text.
StrikethroughActivate strikethrough or strikethrough the selected text.
HighlightActivate highlight or highlight the selected text. Click the arrow to change the activated pen or marker, or remove highlights.
Text alignmentAlign the text: Align left, Align right, Align center, or Justify.
Numbered ListCreate a numbered list.
Bulleted ListCreate a bulleted list.
LinkInsert a URL.
Block quoteInsert a block quote.
Insert tableInsert a table. Click then drag your mouse to define the table dimensions.
Insert assetOpen the Insert asset dialog box where you can search and select the asset you want to insert.
CommentAdd a comment on selected text.
SubscriptActivate subscript or make the selected text subscript.
SuperscriptActivate superscript or make the selected text superscript.
Remove formatRemove all formatting applied on the selected text.
Decrease indentRemove one indent step on the current paragraph.
Increase indentAdd one indent step on the current paragraph.
CodeActivate code or format the selected text to code.
Insert code blockInsert a code block or put the selected text in a code block. Click the arrow to select the code language.

Insert asset

To insert an asset:

  1. On the toolbar, click Insert asset .
  2. In the Insert asset dialog box, search the asset you want to insert.
  3. On the asset tile, click Select.
  4. On the Select dialog box, do one of the following:

    • To select an existing public link, click select next to it.
    • To create a new public link, click + Public link. In the New public link dialog box, define your new rendition settings, then click Save. On the Select dialog box, click select next to the new public link.

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™ content creation does not support the visualization of several media types (for example, .ai files). Adding media of an unsupported type through public links inserts a public link to the original rendition instead of rendering the image. Using the medium rendition instead of the original rendition renders the image in all cases.

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