Content creation

Content is the central theme of Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™. To this end, the sitecore CMP flow mirrors the standard marketing content production process. The content creation feature is simple but captures the valuable core data. Further details are provided and added as the content continues through the Sitecore CMP flow or any custom content creation flow you use.

Content creation can begin with the ideation process, but Sitecore CMP aims to enable agility, which is why content creation is possible throughout the Sitecore CMP flow.

You can create content using one of the built-in content types or using a new content type you created.


Sitecore CMP content creation does not support the visualization of several media types (for example, ai files). Adding media of an unsupported type through public links inserts a public link to the original rendition instead of rendering the image. Using the Medium rendition instead of the original rendition renders the image in all cases.

Create content

You can create new content from several locations on Sitecore Content Hub™.

To create a new piece of content:

  1. On the main menu bar, click Content.
  2. Click the page you want to access: Work, Search, Calendar, Strategy, or Ideas.
  3. On the selected page, on the top-right corner, click + Content.
  4. On the Content dialog box, fill out the following parameters.

    NameStringName of your piece of content.String valueYes
    CampaignSelection listCampaign attached to your content. You can select and existing campaign or create a new one by clicking Create new.A campaignNo
    LocaleSelection listLocalization of your content.Localization valueNo
    TypeSelection listContent type. Once saved, the content type cannot be modified.A content typeYes
    Publication date / Published onDateTime selectorPublication date of the content.DateTime valueNo. When creating from the **Calendar* or Strategy pages only.*
    Dynamic publish dateToggle switchEnables the dynamic publish option on the content.On/OffNo. When creating from the **Strategy* page only.*
    AudienceSelection listTarget audiences for the content.Target audiencesNo. When creating from the **Strategy* page only.*
    RegionSelection listGeographical location of the publication.A regionNo. When creating from the **Strategy* page only.*
  5. Click Save.

    The newly created content opens on its detail page, where you can edit it.


For a video on creating content, see How to create a content item.

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