Calendar page

The Calendar provides an overview of the Content in CMP:

The Calendar provides an overview of Content with search functionality offered through facet dropdowns.

Month/ Week/ Day View

The Calendar can be viewed in Month, Week, or Day View. The month view is selected by default but from the dropdown the week or day view are selectable:

The week view shows the current week with the published Content shown. The week shows more details than the month view, showing the status and type by displaying an icon in the top right corner. Each day is broken down in hour segments for an in-depth overview of the week's published Content:

The day view shows the published Content for each day. By default, Today is displayed, but using the arrowheads allows the calendar days to be navigated. The date is shown in the center above the details of the day. Today returns the Calendar to the current date:

Facet Search

Content type will display the content types of published Content in the Calendar:

Life cycle status will display the state of the published Content calendar (InProgress, Idea, Final):

Localization will display the localization of published content calendar:

The faceted search can be combined, for example; the content type of 'Recipe' and life cycle status of 'Final' are selected:

Adding Content to the Calendar

It is possible to add Content to the Calendar. This addition of Content allows an administrator to respond in a truly agile way of seeing gaps in their marketing calendar.

To add content click on the + Content button:

A new Content window opens:

Content can be added if the overview reveals some content is missing from the Calendar by the +Content button.

The new window is the standard new content form but with the addition of a Publication date:


Double-clicking on a date in the Calendar opens a new content modal with the publication date pre-filled with the date that was clicked on.

With the following fields:

  • Name, this is a mandatory field.

  • Campaign, which allows the new Content to be associated with an existing campaign, which is listed, or a new campaign created for further information on creating a new Campaign, please see Creating a new campaign

  • Localization, select a localization if required.

  • Type, which is mandatory, defines the type of new Content.

Once the form is completed, then click on Create:

For more information about creating Content, please see Content Creation.

Operations Toolbar

The operation toolbar is available once the Content is selected, with the usual functionality.

To select Content, click in the tickbox in the top left-hand corner of the required Content. The count of the selected Content is shown:

Or to select all content items, on the dropdown box on the operations toolbar click on Select all:

Edit in table:

The Edit in table option displays the metadata of the selected Content in a table format. The metadata can be changed and/or added individually, by clicking in a chosen field (the border color of the box will change to blue to show it is active):

Add the new metadata and click on Save:

If the same metadata is to be included for the field of multiple items, then the drag and copy function can be used. The metadata is added to a single field, then click to return the border of the box to orange. In the bottom right of the border is a square. Drag this square down to input this value into the metadata field of the required assets.

And once released, the values are included in the additional fields. Click on Save if the edits are complete:

Attach to campaign

Selected Content can be attached to a campaign. Click on the icon and choose from the list of existing campaigns. Once completed click on Select:


If a content item is to be deleted, select the item or items and click on the delete icon. There is a request to confirm the deletion:

Once the deletion has been confirmed, a message appears in the bottom right corner informing that a Delete job queued:

Further Options

The further options icon provides two further options; Show selected only and Copy to clipboard:

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