Get around

This section describes the different pages of the Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™ module.

From the main menu bar, you can access the following pages by clicking Content:

Menu itemPage description
WorkOpens the Work page, which gives you an overview of your assigned tasks.
SearchOpens the Search page, where you can browse and search for content.
CalendarOpens the Calendar page, which displays your content in a calendar view.
StrategyOpens the Strategy page, which describes your marketing objectives.
IdeasOpens the Ideas page, which lists the existing ideas.
CampaignsOpens the Campaigns page, where you can manage you campaigns.
Content collectionsOpens the Content collections page, where you can manage your content collections.
ReportingOpens the Reporting page, which gives you an overview of the Sitecore CMP™ state and activities.

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