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Creating an idea or Ideation is the creative process of generating new ideas, where an idea is the basic element of thought that can be; visual, concrete, or abstract.

The Ideas Page in CMP assists in the capturing of the Ideation process, by listing the existing ideas that have not yet been approved by the content administrators.

The Idea is created before and if the content administrators agree with the idea it can be Approved for creation and join the CMP workflow.

Search Options

There is the full-text search functionality available, along with the faceted search. The facets to search on are on the left-hand side of the page: Content Type list and Usage list are displayed in the example:

There is a Localization facet selection available:

Advanced Search Options

An advanced search option is also available from the Advanced tab:

The filter can be built using the dropdown boxes to specify the conditions of the filter:

So the example query built is using the Publication Date, the condition is selected 'IS', and a date is chosen from the calendar:

Once the filter has been built, click on .

The filter is then applied and is shown in the top left corner:


The ideas displayed can be sorted:

There are sort options available:

  • Name
  • Date Created

And results can be sorted in reverse order depending on the sort criteria:

Columns Selection

There is a column selection available:

Operations Toolbar

The operation toolbar is available once content is selected, with the usual functionality.

To select a content item use the tick box:

Or to select all content items, on the dropdown box on the operations toolbar click on Select all:

Edit in table:

This displays the metadata of the selected content in a table format. The metadata can be changed and/or added individually, by clicking in a selected field (the border color of the box will change to blue to show it is active):

Add the new metadata and click on Save and Close:

If the same metadata is to be included for the field of multiple items, then the drag and copy function can be used. The metadata is added to a single field, then click to return the border of the box to orange. In the bottom right of the border is a square, simply drag this down to input this value into the metadata field of the required assets.

And once released the values are included in the additional fields. Click on Save and Close if the edits are complete:

Attach to campaign

Selected content can be attached to a campaign. Click on the icon and select from the list of existing campaigns. Once completed click on Select:


If a content item is to be deleted, select the item or items and click on the delete icon. A message appears in the bottom right corner informing that a Delete job queued:

Further Options

The further options icon provides three further options; Edit, Show selected only and Copy to clipboard:

Add Content

Content can be added on the Ideas Page.

It is created as an idea and must be approved by content administrators before it enters the CMP workflow.

For more information about creating Content, please see Content Creation.

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