Strategy page

The Strategy page provides the marketing objectives by means of defining the five Ws:

  • What or Type.
  • Who or Audience.
  • Where or Channel and Region.
  • When or Publication date.
  • Why or Brief.

This information is taken from the Strategy element of content creation details:

The Strategy in CMP displays the content grouped into Content type to allow the user to have an overview of the content strategy and identify in an easy manner where there might be gaps in the content strategy:

Strategy offers the chance to pivot the view using the axis choices:

Both axes offer choices of view, where available:

Once the axes have changed by clicking on a different option the Strategy overview will change automatically (e.g. the axis has been changed from Audience to Channel):

There is a full-text search, along with facet search functionality:

  • Content type:

  • Life cycle status:

  • Localization:

Adding Content to Strategy

It is possible to add Content to the Strategy. This allows an administrator to respond in a truly agile way to seeing gaps in their marketing content strategy.

To add content click on the + Content button in the top right corner, or on the + icon in the bottom right corner:

A new Content window opens:

The form contains the following fields:

  • Name, this is a mandatory field.

  • Campaign, which allows the new content to be associated with an existing campaign, which are listed, or a new campaign created for further information on creating a new Campaign, please see INSERT LINK to CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN once written:

    • Localization, select a localization if required.

    • Type, which is mandatory, defines the type of new content.

    Once the form is complete click on Create.

For more information about creating content, see Create content.


Standard operations are available on these pages.

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