Work page

The Work page is an overview of tasks assigned to the current user and what the status of the content is present, relative to the CMP workflow.

In CMP, Work is available from the Content menu tab:

The Work page is divided into two main areas:

  • Current, with the tab option for My Work (i.e., the current work content of the current user) and All Work (i.e., all current work content that the current user has permissions to view).
  • Created by me (i.e., all work content created by the current user).

The My work page lists all the content created by the current user. Content that is localized is shown by the presence of the the localized icon :

The All work page is organised by life cycle status:


The Current work area breaks content down into status:

  • Draft
  • Idea
  • In Progress
  • Final
  • Archived

It can be further filtered using the dropdown selections:

  • Life cycle status shows a selectable list of the life cycle status of content:

  • Content type shows the list of content types that can be selected:

These dropdown options can be combined:

Created by me

Created by me lists the content created by the current user:

The content is displayed with clickable links to the content details page:

Also, there is the ability to add content to Work using the +CONTENT button:

For more information about creating Content, please see Content Creation.

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