Impact in Sitecore CMP

Impact is a new metric in Sitecore CMP.

Impact in Content

It is shown as a manual metadata field in Content Creation. This metadata field is available to edit throughout the lifespan of the content under the Details section of all content:

If a value is provided for Impact then the calculation is not used.

Impact in Publications

If a content item is published and added to Sitecore CMP publications, then the Impact is automatically calculated from the input metrics.

The weighting is currently defined as follows:

Number of ActionsWeighting
Number of Reachesmultiply by 5
Number of Clicksmultiply by 10
Number of Sharesmultiply by 50
Number of Likesmultiply by 20
Number of Commentsmultiply by 30

These values can be amended, if the user has sufficient permissions, from the Scripts under Manage. The weighting for Impact is found in CMP - M.Usage - Impact:

For further information on this script, please see Impact Script

Impact in Campaigns

Campaigns display the totaled Impact for all content associated with the campaign:

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