Work in progress

The Work page allows users to monitor not only their own work but also all work they have permission to see. A Content Manager can see an overview state of all content and drill down using faceted search to focus on Life cycle status or Content type.

Life cycle status of content is a definition of the content work status:

  • Idea: when the content is a recorded abstract or basic concept of content.

  • In progress: when the content is being created or reviewed.

  • Final: when the content is ready to be published or has been published.

  • Archived; when the content has reached its end of life.

The Work page gives the initial choice of My Work and All Work.

My Work

My Work provides a table of work assigned to the current user. This allows the user to have a clickable overview of content they are assigned to and therefore see their work. Work is defined in relation to the status of content in CMP:

If the Active States cell for content is blank it means that it has not yet entered the CMP flow and is still at the stage of Ideation, awaiting approval for creation:

The Total story points for the content assigned to the current user is also shown.

All Work

All work is shown in columns of lifecycle status:

  • Idea
  • Final
  • In Progress
  • Archived

A specific Content type can be filtered to allow a targeted overview of content:

The Life cycle status fact can also be used to filter the work by status, e.g. to show InProgress:

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