Using the variants feature, you create variants of existing entities to customize content for a specific target group (audience, market, country, culture, etc.). You can customize any entity definition (content, product, etc.).


You must be a superuser to configure the variant feature.

In Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™, there are two out-of-the-box variants:

  • Content: there are two types of variants for content:
    • Localize: allows you to adapt content for a defined localization.
    • Duplicate: allows you to duplicate a piece of content.
  • Campaigns:
    • Localize: allows you to adapt a campaign for a defined localization.

Superusers cannot edit out-of-the-box variants.

Three variant operations are available:

  1. Create variant
  2. View variants
  3. Detach from original

Superusers configure variant operations and define the names used. In this topic, as an example, we use Create variant, View variants, and Detach from original.

Create variant

To create a variant:

  1. On the desired entity detail page, click More actions .
  2. Click Create variant.
  3. Fill in the required parameters.
  4. Click Create.
    • A variant entity (duplicate of the original entity) is created.
    • The VARIANT and ORIGINAL indicators appear on the respective pages.
  • When creating a variant, at least one field value must differ from the original entity field values. However, you can edit the values afterward to match the variant to the original entity.
  • You cannot set a variant field if this field is not set on the original entity.

Child variants

You can create a variant from an existing variant entity. A variant of another variant is considered a sibling of the first variant (a child of the original entity).

Grand-children are not allowed. Only two levels are available: original and children entities:

View variants

To view the variants of an entity:

  1. On the desired entity detail page, click More actions .
  2. Click View variants.

The View variants page is created automatically. You cannot filter variants using the user interface.

Detach from original

To detach a variant from its original entity:

  1. On the desired entity detail page, click More actions .
  2. Click Detach from original.

For a video on detaching a content variant from original entity, see How to detach a content variant from original entity.

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