Content versioning

A version is a revision of the original content that is associated with the original and inserted into the content to create a line of revisions emanating from the original:

In the example above, version 1 is the original, and each new version is a revision of that version.

Version History

In CMP, versions of content can be seen from version history shown in the more actions menu:

In Version history is the history of the versions of the content item:

Clicking on Version history displays the versions of the content:

Version 4 is the current version, meaning it is acting as the master version. To change this to a different version, highlight a different version and click on Restore

As a result Version 3 is not set as the current version but a new version, Version 5, is created which is a copy of Version 3:

If a comparison is done of the two versions, there is no difference. But it has allowed Version 3 to be set as the "current" version:


To edit a version click on the Edit button:

> [!NOTE]
> Version 5 is a copy of Version 3.

Once the revisions have been completed there are three options:

  • Save: saves the revisions to the open version.
  • Save as new version: saves the revisions to a new version.
  • Stop editing: removes all edits and returns to the last saved version.

Save as a new version

New version are created by editing an item and saving the revisions as Save as new version:

There is confirmation at the bottom right of the screen confirming that a new version has been saved: .

Delete Version

To delete a version, go to Version History and select the version to deleted. Then click on the trash can icon:

A message is shown at the bottom right of the screen, confirming the deletion:

Version 6 is removed, returning Version 5 as the current version.

Compare selected versions

If two version are selected using the tick-boxes, the Compare selected versions button becomes active:

Compare selected versions allows two selected versions to be compared side-by-side. The diff slider button highlights the changes between the two versions:

Green is content that is included in the version, red is content that exists only in the compared version.

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