CMP Flow

The CMP flow is the journey content takes being approved for creation to finally being archived at the end of its life cycle.

An idea is created, and once it is approved for creation by a content administrator clicking on , the idea enters the CMP flow as content. The information box on the content shows the state of where the content is in the flow: To do. There is also a Start button displayed:

Once the Start button is pressed. The state changes to In progress. The content moves from approved ideation to being produced:

The new step is shown by the Send for review button. The content is to be created and sent for Review:

Once the content has been sent for Approval, the state changes in the CMP flow to Under Review:

The content is then reviewed and either the Reject or Approve button is selected:

If rejected, the content will be returned to the earlier state of In progress.

If approved the content moves to the next state of Approved:

From here the content can be returned Start over, which is a label used as an alias for Working on it, or forwarded on to Archive:

Once the content has been used and is of no active purpose, then it can be archived:

The CMP flow has reached its final state and once the content has its end of life, but the content can be unarchived using the Unarchive button:

But the CMP flow is agile, and the content can still be returned to the state of Ready publish by clicking the Unarchive button:

From where the content could be sent In progress via the Start over button for a quick rework to meet a new factor:

The overall CMP flow is represented as follows:


If a Content item is created from MRM projects, it automatically gets assigned to the state 'In progress'. The 'Ready to publish' state is assigned after the Content item gets approved through a task. For more information on MRM-CMP integration, please see MRM integration with CMP.

For a video on approving content in the CMP flow, see How to approve a content item.

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