Ideation flow

The ideation flow is the journey an idea takes from draft to review, where it can be rejected or approved. If the idea is approved for creation then it automatically moves to the CMP state flow for content creation:

The New stage of the ideation flow is the creation of the idea. Users can begin drafting their idea before submitting it for approval.

StateDescriptionState changes
NewThis is by default the first state of an idea upon creation. From there, users can draft their idea to submit it for approval.Submit moves the content to Pending approval state.
Pending approvalThe content item is ready for the content administrators to review and approve it for creation.Reject returns the content to Draft state. Approve moves the content to To do state and transfers the content to the CMP state flow.
To doThe content item is ready for the creation process to start and automatically moves to the CMP state flow.The content transfers to the CMP state flow.

State flows drive the merging of drafts into originals. It is enabled for any definition that uses the drafting functionality. The out-of-the-box draft state flow only allows M.Builtin.Approvers or superusers to approve a draft entity. The merging logic is invoked when a DraftLifeCycleToDefinition relation is set to the Done state by an M.Builtin.Approver or superuser approving. This relation is defined as allow_update=false, which means you can only update it through the draft state flow. Administrators can only change the schema. If there is a use case where you want to change the DraftLifeCycle relation definition of allow_update=true, then you need to contact your Sitecore account manager.

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