Editing in Sitecore Content Hub™ is flexible and straightforward. You can edit your assets from most pages they appear on. Because an asset is a single source of truth entity, your edits show directly in every location the asset appears.

You can partially or fully edit assets; edit a single asset or multiple at a time; use the draft method to edit already published assets without risking losing data.

The following list the editing feature you can use depending on your needs:

Edit in previewEdit individual assets from the inline preview. Ideal for quick edits on titles and descriptions.
Edit in tableEdit multiple assets in a table using spreadsheet operations.
Mass editEdit multiple assets at a time, manually or from a source entity.
Create a draft assetCreate a draft from an original entity to follow the review flow before publishing changes.

After editing, you can check the changes on the asset details page, which contains most of the asset information.

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