The following table describes the standard operations you can perform on assets. You can find these operations on the different pages related to assets, such as the Asset details page or the Assets search page.

UploadUploads files.
Download / Request downloadDownloads assets or requests a download order.
Edit / Mass editEdits one or several assets.
Edit in tableEdits assets in a table view.
(Inline) PreviewOpens the inline preview.
Add to collectionAdds assets to a collection.
Add to selectionAdds the asset to a saved selection.
Remove from saved selectionRemoves the asset from a saved selection.
Public linkCreates and configures public links.
Refresh renditionRefreshes the asset renditions after an update.
Use direct linkRedirects to the asset thumbnail preview in a new browser tab.
Create draftCreates a draft asset from the current asset.
AnnotateAnnotates assets.
Share via emailShares assets using emails.
Show selected onlyShows only the selected assets in the search results.
Copy to clipboardCopies the selected assets to the clipboard.
Paste from clipboardPastes the assets from the clipboard to the current location.
HistoryShow the metadata history of a property or field.
UsageShows the usage of the asset in Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™.
Find duplicatesShow all duplicates of an entity in the system.
Compare to masterWhen an asset has multiple files, it opens a pop-up window to compare the selected file with the master file.
Set as masterWhen an asset has multiple files, it replaces the master file of ans asset with the selected file.
Submit for approvalSends created assets to review.
ApproveApproves assets submitted for approval.
RejectRejects assets submitted for approval.
ArchiveArchives assets.
Move to trashSends assets to the trash.
DeletePermanently deletes the assets.
  • Superusers can create custom operations or modify existing ones. The list only describes the built-in operations.
  • You might need to click More actions at times to access additional operation.
  • The icons might differ depending on the version.

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