Review page

Assets submitted for approval in the Create page appear on the Review page. The Review page acts as a final checkpoint prior to making the assets available in Content and searchable.

Basically, assets can be approved or rejected, annotations can be added, new file versions can be uploaded, metadata can be updated, etc. All of these actions depend on the security configuration.

Review page:

Assets can be approved or rejected individually by pressing the approve or reject action button beneath the thumbnail or preview in the asset details.

Assets can be mass approved or rejected by selecting the assets and selecting the applicable action (Approve or Reject) in the selected dropdown box.

Selection dropdown > Approve/Reject:

Approvals or rejections are confirmed with a notification message in the upper right corner of the page. If assets are rejected, then the reason for rejection must be specified by the reviewer.

Rejection pop-up:

This reject comment will be visible to the creator of the asset (or draft) in the Create page (which can be filtered on the status Rejected) beneath the preview in the asset detail page.

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