Upload alternative thumbnail

Upload alternative thumbnail allows an alternative version of a thumbnail to be uploaded for the master file version.

The Upload alternative thumbnail option is selectable under the icon, which is available on the operation menu in the top right of the Assets detail page:

A new modal opens where the new file to be used as the thumbnail can be uploaded, either by selecting the file or by dragging and dropping the file:

Navigate to the location of the file and select the file. Or drag and drop the required file into the modal:

There is a small delay before the new file replaces the original thumbnail rendition and also the preview rendition:

file uploadedThumbnail

However, the new preview is not just shown as the preview on the Asset detail page but also on the Assets page:

The original version is still available through renditions, but the thumbnail and medium renditions are changed to the new thumbnail that has been uploaded previously:

thumbnail rendition
medium rendition
original rendition

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