Upload file

Use Upload file to add a new version of the selected asset to Sitecore Content Hub™.

To upload a file:

  1. On the menu bar, click Assets.

  2. On the Assets page, click the asset for which you want to upload a new version.

  3. On the Asset detail page, click Upload and select Upload file.

  4. In the Upload file dialog box, do one of the following;

    • Click Select files, navigate to the location where the files are saved, select them, and click Open.
    • Drag the files you want to upload into the Upload file dialog box.

    The uploaded file is set as the master and identified with the Master icon.

  5. To set a specific version as master, click All files and select Set as master.

  6. To compare a version to master, click All files and select Compare to master.

    The Compare to master option opens a new window with the master version on the left and the selected version on the right. Click and move the slider to see the differences between versions.


There are differences between Upload file and Upload alternative thumbnail, which include:

  • Upload file uploads a new file version of the asset, which is set as the master file version for the asset.
  • Upload alternative thumbnail uploads only a new thumbnail for the master file version of the asset.

For information about uploading large files, see Large file upload.

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