A digital rights management (DRM) contract groups multiple rights profiles and related files such as contract files. You can manage your DRM contracts from the DRM contracts page.

To access the DRM contracts page, on the main menu bar, click DRM and select DRM contracts.

A table lists all DRM contracts and provides generic information such as the contacts names and licensors.

From the DRM contracts page, you can:

  • Create a new contract.
  • Edit an existing contract by clicking Edit Contract next to the contract.
  • Access the contract details page by clicking the contract in the table.

Create a contract

To create a contract:

  1. On the main menu bar, click DRM and select DRM contracts.

  2. On the DRM contracts page, click New contract.

  3. In the Create dialog box, fill out the following fields:

    NameStringName of the contractString valueYes
    LicensorStringName of the licensorString valueNo
    RestrictionsCKEditorBrief description of the restrictionsFree textNo
  4. Click Save.

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