Asset selection

On pages containing a Search component such as the Assets or the content Search pages, you can select entities to perform operations on them.

To select entities, you can:

  • Use the mouse to click and select.
  • Use drag and select.
  • Use the shift key.
  • Use Select all.

A selection basket groups the selected entities and lets you perform mass operations on them. The selection basket is specific to a page, a collection, or a block. For example, you can select entities on the Create page and have a different selection on the Content page. All selection baskets expire after 24 hours unless you change them manually.

Using the mouse

To make a selection, tick the Add to selection boxes on the entities you want to select:

Using drag and select

To select entities using the drag option:

  1. Click and hold the primary key of the mouse.
  2. Move the cursor over the entities you want to select.
  3. Release the mouse key.

To select several blocks of entities, hold the ctrl key in between drag selections:

Using the shift key

When you select using the shift key, you select adjacent entities in the list.

To select entities:

  1. Tick the first entity you want to select.
  2. Click and hold the shift key.
  3. Click the last entity you want to select.
  4. Release the shift key.

Using select all

You can use the Select all tick box to select all the entities in the list. The count of selected entities shows next to the Select all tick box, even when you do not select all.

To empty the selection basket, un-tick the Clear selection tick box.

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